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Application for Baldwin LightStream Giving Program

Although we know that you rely on donations to fund your projects, Baldwin LightStream is limited in the number of projects that we can support each year. By completing this application form and submitting to the Baldwin LightStream Giving Program Committee before November 30th, your application will be considered for the following year. Click for Program Guidelines

Organization Name
Contact person:
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Who benefits from your organization?

Project Information

Name of program
Describe the purpose of the program.
Is the project a new or existing program?
What is the total program budget? $.00
Amount being requested from Baldwin LightStream? $.00
How will the contribution be used?
List other businesses or community organizations that are involved with this program.
Why should Baldwin LightStream support your program?
Estimated date that your project will be completed.        
How will Baldwin LightStream’s gift be communicated to the members of your organization and the public?

If Project is accepted:

Who should Baldwin LightStream make the check out to?
Where should the check be sent?
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Thank you for completing this application. If your organization is selected to receive a gift this year please understand that it doesn’t guarantee that you will receive a gift next year. You will be informed of whether or not your request has been approved for a donation by January 15th.


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