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Standalone Digital Cable TV
2 Digital Boxes - Over 150 Channels PLUS HD Programming
Cost: $96.35 (Broadcaster fees & taxes NOT included in rate)
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Additional Cable TV Services
DVR Receiver $5.95 /mo. ?
Tivo ?
Tivo Mini $6.95 - Extra Tivo Minis #
Premium Movie Channels
HBO $16.95/mo.
Cinemax $11.95/mo.
HBO/Cinemax $24.95/mo.

Starz/Encore $11.95/mo.
Showtime/TMC $11.95/mo.
Playboy TV $15.95/mo.

Initial Residential Install $79.95
This price is general and does not include connection fees, taxes or other charges that may apply to your specific install.

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